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Are you hanging your hat on Office 365? It’s a great collaboration as well as productivity tool, which brings the benefits of cloud-based data storage to your team. In this you have to give a regular monthly payment in place of a large, complex software license. Apart from a number of advantages, according to the experts of Office 365 Support, there is a disadvantage in office 365 that outages are real threat to its users.

Know about downtime in office 365

Office 365 suffers from various service issues and with alarming consistency. A long time ago, office 365 suffered with two-week password change outage that caused sufficient trouble for some users that they threatened to take their business somewhere else.

Microsoft has quite a lot of categories for service status, such as ‘service degradation’ for slow or sluggish behavior. Also, as per the Office 365 Help team, it has extended recovery for services that are getting improved but may still not operate as they should be. Sometimes, it is difficult for various customers to be familiar with the downtime even if they read about the issues in the press and experience the service disruptions themselves.

Impact to customers

When email fails in office 365, the fallout spans two key areas:

First one is Customer-facing disruption

Many presented or potential customers still favor email as a first point of contact. An incapability to answer them quickly may unswervingly impact customer satisfaction.

Internal disruption

Whilst it’s true that various services are changing the way people communicate, even few companies have eradicated email altogether. Numerous employees are used to deal with each other via email and when this can sometimes be incompetent then the prospect of resorting to mobile phones is far worse.

About Mitigation

What can you do to defend yourself from possible email disruption? One step engages keeping real-time tabs on the every state of Office 365. Microsoft has been censured in the past for only publishing updates from its customer-only Office 365 Health Portal as well as Emergency Broadcast System than to its wider web. That can be an issue when the both portal and EBS themselves become out of stock for its users.

As an option, you can easily monitor the system’s health by means of a third-party Office 365 monitoring service or you can fold Microsoft 365 Support unswervingly into your own tools by the service health API that the MS has newly made available.

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