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by rahim monaghan - Wednesday, 4 December 2019, 1:32 PM
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A great deal of ladies may be hesitant to put on Muslim wear, to be specific since it is viewed as inflexible, exhausting, melancholy, and furthermore obstructs day by day exercises. Well I state we toss every one of these generalizations out the window since it isn't valid. Muslim wear enables ladies to parade their flawless appearance and show their internal excellence, this while not overlooking the Muslim components which has a significant influence in latest Muslim fashion trend. With the different choice of Muslim fashion these days, Muslim ladies can without much of a stretch match their closet with their needs, style and character. The guidelines of Muslim wear would not prevent Muslim ladies to express their imagination and look smart, rather it would impart a feeling of unobtrusiveness. 

As a matter of first importance, since it is Muslim wear we're discussing here, the clothing itself must satisfy the prerequisites and rules set by the religion. Ensure it appropriately covers the body and isn't excessively shocking or provocative. Additionally, make sure to pick the correct material; meager, transparent material is a major no-no and stay away from clothes that are excessively tight. Material decision is likewise significant for comfort. The perfect material would be an adaptable, thick, yet solid cloth, for example, silk, cotton, or gooey. With the right material and remarkable structure, you will look particularly shocking while additionally not overlooking the solace factor. 

The decision of clothing should likewise suit it's motivation. For loosening up use at home, discover something straightforward and light. Then again, merry occasions, for example, gatherings may be matched with progressively swarmed and extravagant plans alongside a bunch of embellishments to a great extent. For the more proper workplace, pick milder hues to inject a feeling of class. Obviously, hues are significant. Various hues would convey various messages and influence the entire clothing bundle. A frequently misinterpretation is a viewpoint that states Muslim Islamic fashion events just comprises of essential and dim hues, for example, dark, brown or dull blue. Well I should state this is obsolete, don't stop for a second to blend and match splendid hues and furthermore investigate the difference of the hijab to the clothing. For the hijab, there are a ton of different kinds these days that can be utilized to upgrade your excellence and supplements your clothing.


    Anyone in the world

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      by Dan Jackson - Wednesday, 4 December 2019, 1:25 PM
      Anyone in the world

      FLVTO YouTube To Mp3 Converter offers a free online YouTube conversion service that helps you download 320kbps MP3 songs. We are the best FLVTO alternative. Our service is easy-to-use and it doesn’t require any registration! You can now easily convert thousands of videos from YouTube into your favorite songs. It has never been easier to convert YouTube to MP3. The videos will be always converted in the highest available quality. Also, all conversion services will be done on our servers so your browser will not be put under any pressure and you may still be able to browse other sites while converting videos. FLVTO converter works on all type of devices. All downloads and searches that you do on our platform are anonymous. All data are encrypted, no file is stocked and no history is saved in our database. You can convert mp3 with no limits and for free. We are the fastest service, the audio file download is almost done in one click.


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        by paul edholloman - Wednesday, 4 December 2019, 1:15 PM
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        by ujla fennings - Wednesday, 4 December 2019, 12:33 PM
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          by peter wills - Wednesday, 4 December 2019, 12:07 PM
          Anyone in the world

          Trend Micro users understand the value of this setup on their computers. It is because Trend Micro antivirus protects devices from every malware, threats and virus. Once you download the setup from , you can renew the subscription from besbuypc . Every time you will renew the subscription, you will need to purchase trend micro activation code to activate it.

          Renewing Trend Micro subscription keeps Trend Micro Security activated that keep device protected against malware and other threats. If your subscription has expired, then here I am going to tell that how can your renew Trend Micro subscription at besbuypc and then install it from .


          Renew Subscription using Trend Micro Account

          Before downloading the Trend Micro antivirus from , you would have created Trend Micro Account . With the help of this Trend Micro Account , you can renew your subscription with the following steps:

          1.       Go to besbuypc and then click on TREND MICRO ACCOUNT

          2.       Enter registered an email address and password then tap on TREND MICRO LOGIN

          3.       Once your Trend Micro account is logged in, check which product you want to renew and click

          4.       on RENEW NOW

          5.       It will redirect you to Trend Micro Online Store where you can purchase your subscription renewal. 

          6.       Follow the instruction and complete the renewal.


          Renewal on Windows PC

          Renewing Trend Micro at besbuypc and downloading it can be easy. But with Windows PC the subscription renewal process can be smoother and easy for you. Follow the below steps:

          1.       Open you PC and then double-tap on Trend Micro  icon either on desktop or on your system tray.

          2.       Go to EXPIRATION DATE and a Subscription Information window will open on the computer.

          3.       Click RENEW NOW.

          4.       It will redirect you to the official website where you can purchase a renewal.

          5.       Choose subscription package and click on BUY NOW.

          6.       Accept payment methods with either Credit Card or PayPal.

          7.       Confirm the renewal by clicking on I AGREE AND CONTINUE.

          8.       Now read End User License Agreement and tap on PLACE SECURE ORDER. 

          9.       Check confirmation email, and it will be extending in next 24 to 48 hours.  


          Renewal on Apple Mac

          The old subscription at besbuypc and downloaded Trend micro antivirus from expires mostly in 1 year or 2 years (depends on your subscription). On Apple Mac, you can renew subscription with below steps:

          1.       Open the Trend micro set up on your Mac either by clicking on Mac icon on the dock or clicking on your menu bar.

          2.       Open the SUBSCRIPTION INFORMATION window by tapping on EXPIRATION DATE.

          3.       Trend micro purchasing website will be open now. Here you can choose you renewal packages.

          4.       Click on BUY NOW. Enter the required information and proceed billing and payment using Credit Card or PayPal.

          5.       Read the License Agreement and click on I AGREE AND CONTINUE and then PLACE SECURE ORDER.    

          6.       Now you will get the confirmation of successful purchase with a confirmation email. Wait for 24 to 48 hours, and the subscription will be extended.  


          Renewal on Android or tablet

          Renew your Mobile Security for Android follow below steps:

          1.      Open Trend micro MOBILE SECURITY and go to MENU.

          2.      Click RENEW/ACTIVATE > RENEW NOW.

          3.      Choose the subscription you want to purchase and click on PURCHASE.

          4.      Fill the required information and tap on COMPLETE PURCHASE.


          Renewal on iPhone or iPad

          Follow below steps and instructions to renew your Mobile Security for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch:

          1.       Open the TREND MICRO MOBILE SECURITY app.

          2.       Go to setting and tap on RENEW/ACTIVATE.

          3.       Choose the desired subscription of 1 year or 2 years.

          4.       Tap on PURCHASE.

          5.       Confirm your email with Online Registration from Trend Micro and Order Confirmation from Apple Store



          Peter Wills  is a self-professed security expert, He is expertise in making people aware of the security threats. His Passion is to write about, cryptography, malware,Cyber security social engineering, internet. He writes for Trend micro products at



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            by Shari Hogben - Wednesday, 4 December 2019, 11:26 AM
            Anyone in the world
            Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I really appreciate your efforts and I will be waiting for your further write ups thanks once again.


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              by Rakesh Kuamr - Wednesday, 4 December 2019, 11:20 AM
              Anyone in the world

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                Anyone in the world

                Pokémon Sword and Shield have introduced several new items and ideas in the Pokémon world. As the changes are unique, it is difficult for the players to get a comprehensive grasp of these changes. One of the most prominent changes is fossil Pokémon; every player is aware of them, but this generation of the game has totally changed this aspect of Pokémon. If you don’t know about them, then they are the Pokémon that have been extinct million years ago, but by the marvel of science, they can be brought back to life by using their fossils.

                 The Sword and the Shield contain two fossils Pokémon, and there are several rules that have been changed regarding them. The first one is the ratio of fossil Pokémon as the previous game had only two fossil Pokémon, but now they have added two more to the list. The second change is the type of fossil Pokémon as we only had Rocky type Pokémon. The third change is the way to bring fossil Pokémon to life.

                Combination of Fossils Pokémon

                 The four fossils that have been added in this generation of the game comprises of the Bird fossil, the Fish fossil, the Dino fossil, and the Drake fossil. To bring the fossil Pokémon back to life, the player needs to combine to fossil to get one Pokémon. All the four fossil Pokémon have different abilities and are quite fortunate and dependent on what two fossils you choose to combine. The four only possible combinations in this game are dino +fishdino +birddrake+ fish, and drake + bird. There are also names for these combination includes :

                • Dino fossil Pokémon name will get a prefix as “Arcto”.
                • Drake fossil Pokémon name will get a prefix as “Draco”.
                • Fish fossil Pokémon name will also get a suffix as “vish.”
                • Bird fossil Pokémon will also get a suffix as “zolt.

                The fossil will also signifies the type of the new created Pokémon such as :

                • Dino fossil will create “Ice-type” Pokémon.
                • Drake fossil will result in Dragon-type Pokémon.
                • Fish fossil will make a Water-type Pokémon.
                • Bird fossil will create an Electric-type Pokémon.

                Fossils After Combined

                As discussed above, there are only four possible combinations that can be made in this game. Below is the name and abilities of the Pokémon, that will create by the fossil combination:

                • The dino and fish fossil will create a Pokémon “Arctovish” with ice and water type Pokémon abilities.
                • The drake and fish fossil will result in Pokémon’s name as “Dracovish: with dragon nad water type abilities.
                • The dino and the bird fossil will make a Pokémon name as “Aractozolt” with electric and ice type abilities.
                • The drake and the bird fossil will result in a Pokémon known as “Dracozolt” with dragon and electric type abilities.
                • Possibly there are four Pokémon that can be created by combining fossils such as Arctovish, Dracovish, Arctozolt, and Dracozolt.


                The fossil Pokémon from the Pokéworld is very similar to the fossils found in the real world as the prehistoric plants and animals end up as a fossil. The inspiration of the fossils in the Pokéworld mainly derives from the animal habitat as we clearly saw the name Tyantrum being adapted from Tyrannosaurus Rex and Omanyte from Ammonite.

                In the new version, the concept has been changed a little and the thought is appreciated by the fans. it is now easier to locate fossil Pokémon whereas players wasted efforts of searching a fossil. All the four fossil Dino, Drake, Bird, and Fish are new and being loved by the players a lot.

                The changes that have been made by the Game Freak clearly increase its reputation of taking risks as it is pretty dangerous to add changes to the game that people find worth for dying. Although they have succeeded as the game, new rules are offering the players a whole new experience inside their amazing Pokéworld.

                Source :-

                Daisy Martin is an avid technical blogger, a magazine contributor, a publisher of guides at and a professional cyber security analyst. Through her writing, she aims to educate people about the dangers and threats lurking in the digital world.


                  Anyone in the world

                  Ung thư vòm họng là sự tăng trưởng tế bào không kiểm soát được trong cổ họng xảy ra ở khoảng 1% người trưởng thành và dưới 0,5% người trưởng thành có khả năng bị ung thư thanh quản.

                  Ung thư vòm họng là gì?

                  Ung thư vòm họng hình thành trong các mô của ống rỗng bên trong cổ bắt đầu sau mũi và kết thúc ở đỉnh khí quản và thực quản. Có ba loại ung thư vòm họng:

                  Viêm mũi họng : Ung thư này bắt nguồn từ các mô của phần trên của cổ họng, phía sau mũi.Ung thư bạch cầu : Ung thư này bắt nguồn từ giữa cổ họng.Ung thư vòm họng: Ung thư này bắt nguồn từ đáy họng, phía trên khí quản.

                  Triệu chứng của ung thư vòm họng

                  Mỗi loại ung thư vòm họng là khác nhau. Các triệu chứng phụ thuộc vào giai đoạn và vị trí của ung thư.

                  Các triệu chứng ban đầu thường gặp của ung thư thanh quản và hầu họng bao gồm

                  Khó nuốtThay đổi giọng nói, đặc biệt là khàn giọng hoặc không nói rõ ràngViêm họngGiảm cân không giải thích đượcSưng mắt, hàm, cổ họng hoặc cổChảy máu trong miệng hoặc mũiHo kéo dàiHo ra máuMột cục hoặc đau không lànhThở khò khè hoặc khó thởĐau khi nuốtĐau taiĐau họngKhó thởCảm thấy có gì đó bị mắc kẹt trong cổ họngCục u ở cổ hoặc cổ họngHo ra máu

                  Những triệu chứng này có thể đến từ các tình trạng ít nghiêm trọng hơn, nhưng điều quan trọng là bác sĩ kiểm tra chúng để loại trừ sự hiện diện của một loại ung thư vòm họng












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